DOS Resource Guide, Number 4 (1992)

DOS Resource Guide, Number 4 (1992)

This last museum post of the day is a copy of DOS Resource Guide, Number 4, from 1992.

In the late 80s and early 90s, Apple had a strong hold on the educational sector here in the San Francisco Bay Area. Our schools ran Apple IIs, so when the time came for our family to purchase our first computer, I wanted an Apple IIe badly. Of course, my family decided to go with an IBM PC with MS-DOS installed, and I ended up having to learn a whole new system. In retrospect, it was one of the better things to happen to me in my life, as it set me on a path to becoming an IT guy. DOS Resource Guide was an indispensable tool in that endeavor.

This was my first issue, and I probably read it cover to cover, multiple times. It’s where I cut my command-line chops, with many of the skills learned then still in use today. I loved this magazine so much I even signed my name on the first page.

Sadly, it probably has been over two decades since I last looked at it. Like all my other magazines, it was sitting in my closet, and later on my bookshelf. Now that I’ve discovered digitized versions of my old magazines, I’ve noticed that I actually read them a lot more. I look forward to revisiting DOS Resource Guide in the coming days.

As always, hope you’ve enjoyed this museum post.

DOS Resource Guide, Number 4 (PDF, 92.4 MB)

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