Atari Lynx – Grey Matters, Volume 3 – 1992

Atari Lynx Grey Matters Magazine, Vol-3 (1992)

Tonight’s museum post features another EGM supplement, an Atari Lynx Grey Matters magazine, volume 3, circa 1992. Unfortunately, I separated this supplement from its main magazine years ago and have no idea which issue of EGM it came with.

My memory of the Atari Lynx is playing California Games on it at FAO Schwarz in downtown San Francisco. We’d stop by there pretty often since it was on the way home from Chinatown on Stockton Street. I still remember the song that played on repeat that must have driven the staff crazy (“Welcome to our world, welcome to our world, welcome to our world of toys.”). The video games department was on one of the upper floors (if not the top one) and I’d always rush up there to get my hands on all the games. They pretty much had all the games on the market, which was why I was able to actually play a Lynx there. I don’t remember the Lynx actually being on display anywhere else.

In terms of handhelds, our family had both a Game Boy and a Game Gear. The Lynx, as pricey as it was when it first came out, was off the radar. It was new and cool and I would have loved to have one, but my parents weren’t interested. By the time the price on it fell, the newness was gone and there was no longer any compelling reason to get one.

Looking back at the system now, it looks like it would have been cool to have one, especially once the price fell to $99, but of course I’m looking at it now as an adult who has (or, to be more accurate, once had) disposable income. For a kid getting ready to start high school, it’s a totally different story.

As always, I hope you’ve enjoyed this trip down memory lane.

Atari Lynx Grey Matters, Volume 3 (PDF, 47.8 MB)

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