Receipt, Vimy Video, 1989

Tonight’s museum post features a purchase receipt from Vimy Video, my childhood neighborhood electronics store (mentioned briefly a few times here before). The item is “Alex Kidd”, and the receipt is dated December 17, 1989. Could this have been Alex Kidd in the Enchanted Castle, and could it have been an early Christmas gift? If so, it was a great way to kick off winter vacation for my 7th-grade self.

Sadly, Vimy Video is now completely gone. When we returned from Hong Kong in 2015, the storefront was still there, as was the iconic sign. The last time I passed by it was a comic book store, but I don’t remember if I saw the sign (according to Google Maps, it is still there). The world continues to change, and the evolution of the economy means that it is increasingly difficult for mom-and-pop stores to survive without some sort of backing. The days of making a modest living running a modest store using a modest initial outlay are over, at least when it comes to advanced capitalistic cities like San Francisco and Hong Kong. The 7th-graders of today will make their memories via Amazon, or GameStop, and they’ll probably have a nice record of it on Facebook.

One last thing about the receipt: it was found in the bottom of a joystick box, the QuickShot XV for the Sega Master System. I’ll probably have a museum post for that in the future. For now, and as always, hope you’ve enjoyed this museum post!

Receipt - Vimy Video - 1989

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