Electronics Boutique March 1993 Catalog

Tonight’s museum post features another insert from the April 1993 issue of Electronic Gaming Monthly, a catalog from Electronics Boutique. The cover features Nintendo’s Starfox, which was due to be released on March 26th for the Super Nintendo.

By this time we were well into the 16-bit console wars, with competitive pricing on consoles from both Sega and Nintendo. Interestingly, both companies released cleaning kits for their systems – perhaps a way to recoup some money on their consoles’ cutthroat pricing? On the 8-bit front, the NES was still available and apparently going strong, with EB devoting 3 pages to it. In retrospect, it would have been a great time to get an NES and store it for the future. Ah, the beauty of hindsight.

Since the catalog is 24 pages long, I’ve scanned it as a PDF. Download here (35 MB). As always, hope you’ve enjoyed this museum post!

Electronics Boutique March 1993 Catalog

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