EGM Quartermann’s Q-Letter, First Edition

For tonight’s second museum post we have the first installment of the “Q-Letter”, a supplement offered only to subscribers of the video game magazine, Electronic Gaming Monthly. I’ve been going through my prized magazines from the early 1990s (first mentioned here), and I noticed that the digital copies of the magazines I downloaded from the internet did not include these supplements. This scan (and upcoming ones) is my contribution to the preservation of this part of video gaming history.

For the record, this supplement appeared in the April, 1993 issue of Electronic Gaming Monthly (Bram Stoker’s Dracula on the cover), in the very beginning, between the cover and first page, splitting the Tiny Toon Adventures, Buster Busts Loose ad.

Quartermann's Q-Letter, First Installment, April 1993

Quartermann's Q-Letter, First Installment, April 1993

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