Sony PlayStation Japanese Catalog, June 1995

Continuing on the same retro-gaming vein as the previous post, we now have a circa 1995 Sony PlayStation catalog from the Japanese market. For the past 21-and-some-odd years, this catalog has remained in the plastic bag that came with my original SCPH-3000. I probably looked at it a few times in the beginning, but I don’t remember looking at it at all in subsequent years. Tonight, I finally scanned it. Although the scanning process was a destructive one, I do believe it is better to have it digitized and posted where people can see it, versus continuing to leave it buried inside the Trapper Keeper in my room.

While it doesn’t show in the scan, it is interesting to note that the middle pages (JPGs 5 through 8) were in a centerfold-style, so that you would see three pages of games at once when you unfolded it. Since the pages throughout the entire catalog show four columns of games each, I wonder if this was a marketing decision, to make it seem like the PlayStation library up until that point was expansive, which is always important early-on in a console’s life.


Sony PlayStation Japanese Catalog, June 1995 Sony PlayStation Japanese Catalog, June 1995

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