Sega 1988 Games List

In 1988, I was a little kid in Hong Kong two years into Sega mania. Although I don’t remember the exact circumstances, I must have figured that since there was a 1986 Game Catalog (it came inside my copy of Hang On), there must have been one for 1988, too. So, I wrote a letter to Sega of America, and this is what they sent back to me. It came inside a Sega envelope with a blue logo on the upper left, but sadly I must have misplaced it over the years because I did not see it while going through all my old Sega docs (update: it was in the blue shoulder bag). But imagine, as a kid, writing a letter to the object of your fandom and receiving a response! It probably made my year. I must have pored over these two pieces of paper dozens, if not hundreds, of times.

Looking at the screenshots, it’s interesting to note the placeholders for new games such as R-Type, Lord of the Sword, and Y’s. Even more hilarious is the one for Double Dragon – I wonder why they didn’t just type out the words Double Dragon, or show a picture of two dragons, like in the other new-game screens? 🙂

As always, hope you enjoy this museum post.

Sega Games List 1988

Sega Games List 1988

Sega Games List 1988

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