Mei Mei Jewellery Company

Here’s an item from 1980s Hong Kong: a shopping bag from a jewelry shop called Mei Mei. In the 1980s, a family friend owned a shoe store at Cityplaza, and we would often visit to get shoes and hang out. We must have acquired this bag during one of those visits.

Many years later, our last night in Hong Kong was also spent at Cityplaza.

Something interesting to note is that the phone numbers listed on this bag are 7 digits, with the first digit preceding a dash and suggesting an area code of some sort. If I recall correctly, back in the 80s 5 indicated a Hong Kong Island number, 3 a Kowloon number, and 6 a Sha Tin (and possibly the entire New Territories) number. Nowadays of course, phone numbers are 8 digits, and you can still see some of the old numbers with their 5s, 3s , and 6s following the leading 2. More information on old-school HK numbers can be found here and here (looks like I may have been wrong about the 6s).

As always, hope you’ve enjoyed this trip down memory lane.

Mei Mei Jewellery Co

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