Sega Genesis Controller Accessories Flyer, 1994

For tonight’s museum post we have a two-sided flyer advertising a couple of controller accessories for the Sega Genesis. The first is the 6 Button Arcade Pad, probably released for playing Street Fighter II: Special Champion Edition. Without the pad, you had to press Start to switch between punch and kick buttons, a very clunky way to play the game (and mind you I did try to play it that way, being the SF2 lover that I was back then!).

The second accessory is the Team Player adapter. I remember getting this adapter from a comic book store on Geary Boulevard, near a restaurant called Ton Kiang (used to go there for dimsum all the time). It was more of an impulse buy on my part since I didn’t really have a use for it, but up until that point I had never even seen one in the wild, so I had to have it. I remember fidgeting with the mode switch, which means we might have used it for some EA Sports games. For sure we used it with Columns III, and maybe with Mega Bomberman. On the most part, the adapter has spent most of its life still in its original packaging sitting on our games shelf. Someday I’ll put it up here on the museum.

As for the flyer itself, I probably got it from a display at Toys”R”Us. Hope you’ve enjoyed this museum post!

Sega Genesis 6 Button Arcade Pad, Flyer, 1994
Sure would’ve been nice to pull off a shoryuken with a single touch!
Sega Genesis Team Player Adapter, Flyer, 1994
Be a team player and challenge your friends!

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