Hong Kong Transport Department Road Users’ Code

Hong Kong Road Users' Code

As part of my continuing quest to become more agile and less bogged down by physical objects in my life, I’ve been scanning a lot of my old booklets and magazines. Clutter is reduced, and convenience is increased: a simple search on my computer brings up the PDF, which works great now that my memory is no longer what it used to be. It’s also nice being able to browse the PDF on my tablet.

I received this booklet after getting my Hong Kong driver’s license in 2014. Since my California license was current, all I had to do was pay the fee, no test required. The reason for getting the license was that I wanted to try being a bus driver, a boyhood dream of mine. Sadly, I never applied and not long after I landed the job at the big bank.

This booklet came back with us via the shipping container and the sixteen boxes we shipped back to the US inside of it. It may seem silly to ship a bunch of things thousands of miles across the Pacific only to dispose of them, but when time is short and you have no time to sort through what to keep and what to toss, it becomes worth it. The proof is in my only and finally getting to sorting the stuff and finding this booklet now, 16 months after we’ve returned from Hong Kong.

As usual, hope you’ve enjoyed this trip down memory lane. This is a special one because the HK Transport Department doesn’t have a PDF on its site, and I imagine people googling “HK Transport Department Road Users’ Code PDF” will probably end up here. The PDF is OCR’d for convenience. Happy and safe driving!

Hong Kong Road Users’ Code (May 2000).pdf (40.7 MB, right-click to save)

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