Victorinox Multi-Tools

For this museum post we have the insert that came with a Victorinox Multi-Tool (aka Swiss Army Knife) that wife bought me. She bought one each for me and for herself. When we moved overseas, I packed mine in a box that also contained the I/O shield from my computer. During transport, the shield rubbed against the plastic on the knife, scratching it.

Since receiving the knife several years ago, this insert has been sitting on my bookshelf (itself having moved between several places) because I could never figure out what to do with it. Last week I finally decided to scan it and place it in the museum before putting it in the shredder.

My number-one use for the knife is probably the cork screw. I haven’t looked but the knife can probably be seen in some other museum posts on this site. See ya!

Victorinox Insert

Victorinox Insert

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