The Sony Club – XBR

Here’s another exhibit from our early 1990s Sony XBR TV, an enrollment card for the Sony Club – XBR. When I was a teenager I was very much impressed by this, to be part of the exclusive club; back then, just the letters “XBR” were drool-worthy. Now, the only thing I see that is that someone spent an amount of money in exchange for a good – nothing elite about that, but it’s interesting to see the manufacturer milking it with “priority” hotlines and “exclusive” mailings.

I suppose another way to look at it is that someone worked hard to earn and save money, and the XBR is the reward. Why shouldn’t they be made to feel a little special, even if it’s just slightly superficial? To be fair, the quality of the XBR was better than other TVs at the time.

The Sony Club - XBR

The Sony Club - XBR

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