Supermarket Receipt, circa 1992

In this museum post we have a receipt from Cala Foods, circa 1992 (Monday, March 30). This is from when cash registers still used dot matrix printers, which means that 24 years later the text is still readable. Contrast this with modern thermal printers that fade after a short period of time.

Notable are the coupons on the backs of receipts during those times. Nowadays, the coupons print separately from another machine. We used to always love the McDonald’s coupons for use at 16th and Mission and 24th and Mission, our local McDs. It looks like the coupon below is for Ocean and Bayshore, however. Looking closer at the address for this Cala, it looks like it might have been a special visit because it’s the one that was near Silver Avenue rather than the one on South Van Ness, our regular store. Maybe my mom reached the sale-item limit and wanted to go to a different store to stock up.

Today, the Cala near Silver has become Manila Oriental Market. I actually went there recently and had no idea it used to be a Cala. The Cala that was on South Van Ness, as far as I know, is still an empty building.

As always, hope you’ve enjoyed this stroll down memory lane.

Cala Foods Receipt 1992

Cala Foods Receipt 1992

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