Sony XBR Television 1990s Warranty Card

Since we’re on a warranty-card roll, here’s one from an early 1990s Sony XBR television (update: model KV-32XBR37). I want to say that we bought this TV from Macy’s at a discount, perhaps due to it being a floor model or something. We went from a 27-inch Toshiba to this 32-inch XBR. It had speakers on each side, and while the screen wasn’t perfectly flat, it was curved in only one plane (think of an arch as opposed to a dome). Looking at the docs now I know that it came with headphones, which I can hardly remember.

One last note of interest: in the upper-right section of the warranty card it states “Color TV XBR Projection TV”. I remember this being a tube TV, not a projection, but perhaps it was a combo technology that I’m not aware of.

Sony XBR 1990s Warranty Card

Sony XBR 1990s Warranty Card

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