Sony HiFi Component System Warranty Card

Here’s another early 1990s warranty card, for a Sony high fidelity component speaker system. This system came with a receiver with integrated dual tape decks, a CD player, a record player, and two huge floor speakers. A wood cabinet with a glass door and metal Sony logo rounded out the package.

This system was our first introduction to compact discs. Since we didn’t really have any at the time, I remember it was a big deal when we finally got some. Later, we would record music from CDs to tapes using the receiver.

We actually still have the receiver which we use for the radio and for outputting TV sound. The rest of the components have since been donated. A pair of spare Logitech 2.1 speakers connected via the headphone jack now serve as the output.

Some things I won’t forget about this system include playing a Jacky Cheung CD super loud when we first moved into our new house, and playing Genesis and Super Nintendo games with the huge speakers. Despite their size, however, they were severely lacking in bass, even with the EQ turned up. When I later discovered 2.1 speakers, I was amazed at both the sound and size difference, and it made it easier downsize and give away the big speakers.

Lastly, the model number of the receiver is HST-211. The CD player was CDP-291. Googling around it appears that the speakers might have been model SS-U211. Amazing how a little warranty card can evoke so many memories.



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