Street Fighter II (PlayStation Version)

I actually uploaded this video to YouTube back in September after doing the SNES versions but never got around to putting it here. So, here goes.

If I remember correctly, I got this game as part of Capcom Generations 5 in Hong Kong around May/June of 1999. It was pretty much a perfect port of the arcade versions, save for the loading times which were normal for PlayStation back then. Although I did play this game a lot, it might have already been too little, too late as I no longer had as much enthusiasm for Street Fighter II as I had in the early 90s.

It had already been 8 years since the game came out in the arcades. Piracy was also rampant at that time and it was easy and cheap to procure pirated game after pirated game, with purchases often including multiple games at one time. As a result, I did not value each game like I did when I had to buy each one individually. With so many choices, it was also difficult to choose which game to spend time on. I’d look at one game and think “oh I don’t want to spend time on this one when I could play that other one” and do this repeatedly. To this day, there are some games that I still haven’t touched because of this.

Still, it was enjoyable beating up on the computer as Guile, and later on when I got my PSP I converted the game to run on it so I could play on the go. Once Capcom Classics Collection Reloaded (which included Street Fighter II) for the PSP came out, it was the end of playing SF2 via Capcom Generations 5.

Making this video, I realized how much I put up with just to play Street Fighter. Although they didn’t seem long at the time, the loading times on this game really are terrible! Perhaps our old TV’s picture-in-picture function made the load-times bearable. 🙂

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