Going for a Sunday Drive

I listened to my Out Run recordings this week which gave me the urge to go on an extended drive this lazy Sunday afternoon. Amazingly, it might have been the first time I sat down and played through each route, getting all the endings, and then, to my surprise, getting a bonus staff roll and sixth ending.

One of the things I like about Out Run is the different backgrounds of each stage. When I was a kid, I would imagine going on drives through these scenic areas. It never occurred to me that some of them might not be completely realistic (at least here in the USA, I don’t think there are roads in the desert with sand on them). Still, they fire up the imagination and take me to another place.

In my previous Out Run post from nearly two years ago, I mentioned not liking Step On Beat, but I guess I never gave it a chance. When I selected it for one of the routes this afternoon, it sounded catchy and now I might have to set up my Genesis again so I can record it.

Lastly, my favorite thing about the game is probably the high score screen. At the end of the day after a long drive, the sun sets and the waves lap gently against the shore, welcoming the approach of night while Last Wave plays in the background. It’s a very soothing and peaceful scene that has spoken to me ever since I first played the game. So, please forgive me if a few times in the video I left the high score screen running too long. 😉

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