ScanSnap Carrier Sheet

ScanSnap Carrier Sheet

For tonight’s museum post we have a Fujitsu ScanSnap carrier sheet. It’s a plastic sleeve that came with a document scanner we bought back in 2010. I had used this type of scanner at work and loved being able to feed in a stack of paper. Because the scanner was so good at scanning stacks of paper, we hardly ever used it to scan anything else. As a result, this carrier sheet has been mostly unused.

I’m kind of struggling now to figure out what to do with all the stuff I have. At times, I feel like how I felt during Moving 2012 and want to get rid of everything. Other times, I feel a sentimental attachment to objects that I haven’t used in years. After returning from Hong Kong, there were times when I felt like I shouldn’t have gone on that rampage getting rid of so many things.

For the carrier sheet, I ask myself that same question that I asked four years ago: when was the last time you used it? How many times have you used it in the past year? Unless there is some extreme sentimental value in an object, the answers to those questions should make it pretty clear whether to keep or dump something.

Don’t remember, and zero. I’ve already placed it in the recycle bin. Hope you’ve enjoyed this museum post. 🙂

Recent Meals – May 2016

Lately time seems to fly by, and it’s been a while since the last recent meals post, so here’s a gallery of some of the meals we’ve had so far this month to help me remember.

Thanh Ky

Thanh Ky House Special Rice Noodle Soup

Thanh Ky House Special Rice Noodle Soup

May 2, Monday – first meal of the day is at Thanh Ky in Oakland, my second time there. This House Special Rice Noodle Soup is essentially the same as VH’s Chow Jew Rice Noodle (潮州米粉), with the addition of some fried pork fat sprinkled on top. Sadly, I find Thanh Ky to be less enjoyable than VH and will not go there again of my own volition.

Black Bear Diner

Black Bear Diner - New York Steak

Black Bear Diner – New York Steak

Black Bear Diner - Chicken and Waffle

Black Bear Diner – Chicken and Waffle

Black Bear Diner - Soup and Cornbread

Black Bear Diner – Soup and Cornbread

May 2, Monday – second meal of the day is Black Bear Diner in Emeryville, our first time there. We were there slightly early on a Monday and had a nice, quiet dinner. Food was great and we will definitely be going there again.

Mexican Rice

"Mexican" Rice with Beef and Mushrooms

“Mexican” Rice with Beef and Mushrooms

May 6, Friday – we bought some canned tomatoes from Costco and on the back of the box was a recipe for Mexican Rice. We didn’t have a couple of staple Mexican ingredients but I tried making it anyway and the result was more like a tomato and black bean rice than a Mexican rice. JC rounded it off with a sauteed beef and mushrooms.

Deep Dish Pizza

JC's Deep Dish Pizza

JC’s Deep Dish Pizza

May 7, Saturday – we were looking at photos from Adventure 2012 – Chicago and trying to figure out where in SF we could go to get deep dish pizza. Not liking our options, JC went to Lucca Ravioli, bought some pizza dough and ingredients, and made her own. It was amazingly good.

Udon Mugizo

Tempura Udon at Udon Mugizo

Tempura Udon at Udon Mugizo

Spicy Niku Bukkake Udon at Udon Mugizo

Spicy Niku Bukkake Udon at Udon Mugizo

May 9, Monday – the night before JC and I had watched this episode of Begin Japanology, and the next day she wanted to get some udon, but where? She tried looking at reviews online but in the end could not find anything definitive. We decided to go to Japantown anyway and maybe go with yōshoku instead, since we’d also seen an episode on that recently. In the end, we selected a restaurant that we found out is closed on only one day of the week: Mondays! 🙁

Amazingly, an actual udon shop was situated two stores down from the closed place, and it was open. It looked authentic, with a noodle-making machine out front. Damn, what luck. We tried it and it was exactly what was expected, like we had gone back in time to Adventure 2012 – Tokyo. That’s the beauty of adventure, you never know what amazing things you might encounter if you’ll just try.


Tokusen Toroniku Shio Ramen - Santouka

Tokusen Toroniku Shio Ramen – Santouka

Shoyu Ramen and Chashu Rice - Santouka

Shoyu Ramen and Chashu Rice – Santouka

May 10, Tuesday – continuing on our Japanese adventure, the next day we went to San Jose for Santouka Ramen (well, actually I wanted to get Key Coffee from Mitsuwa, plus on another recent trip down there we had skipped Santouka).

Santouka holds a special place in our memories because it is where we had first meal (aka breakfast) when we stayed in Santa Monica during Adventure 2012 – Road Trip (almost 4 years later and I still haven’t finished updating, eff me!). We’d actually first had it in Adventure 2012 – Hong Kong but didn’t realize it was part of a worldwide chain. Anyhow, the one in Santa Monica is also attached to Mitsuwa and back then I went and bought myself a Japanese can coffee in the supermarket before getting ramen, and now it’s a ritual I repeat whenever I go to Santouka. Good times.

Pho Hoa Lao

Special Combination Rice Plate - Pho Hoa Lao

Special Combination Rice Plate – Pho Hoa Lao

BBQ Pork Chop and Shredded Pork Rice Plate - Pho Hoa Lao

BBQ Pork Chop and Shredded Pork Rice Plate – Pho Hoa Lao

May 11, Wednesday – a really delicious and hearty meal at Pho Hoa Lao in Oakland. Had stayed up all night that day so the pork chop with the runny egg mixed with rice along with sips of Vietnamese iced coffee was just exactly what I needed late in the afternoon. JC and I have been going there for years, and I may have even gone there before I met her. Amazing.

Homemade Udon

JC's Homemade Udon

JC’s Homemade Udon

May 12, Thursday – on this day JC cooked up the dried, packaged udon that we bought from Mitsuwa on Tuesday. She got creative and added her own toppings of heirloom tomato, mushroom, fish cake, seaweed, and the highlight, homemade tamago. Each slurp of udon was immensely satisfying!

Steak and Rice

Steak and Rice

Steak and Rice

May 12, Thursday – second meal on the same day was ribeye steak and rice, again prepared by JC. It’s definitely not the same cooking your own steak versus your wife doing it for you. I felt so loved as I gobbled up each piece of meat and fat. Too good.

Pho Ao Sen

Pho Ao Sen

Pho Ao Sen

May 14, Saturday – another second time trying a new place since returning from Hong Kong. Most memorable thing from the first time was that the broth was noticeably greasy, more so than most other pho places I’ve been to. Most memorable thing from the second time was that the iced coffee (I didn’t get it the first time) tasted like instant Trung Nguyen G7 coffee and came pre-mixed in a to-go cup. So, based on the hype of the place, the greasy broth, and the relatively high prices, can I possibly put serving instant coffee as drip coffee past Pho Ao Sen? Based on my experience as a human, I’d have to say no.

So there you have it, some of our recent meals from the first half of May 2016. As I said in the beginning of this post, it seems like it flew by, and without looking at the photos I might have forgotten that I had these great meals. I want to make sure that I treasure these moments and not take them for granted. I also want to remind myself of what a great place I’m in now; there are times when I look at photos from Hong Kong and wish I was back there because of certain things I miss. Well, when I was in Hong Kong, I would look at photos from the USA and miss these things from back home. It’s like I forget about the negative aspects of the places I miss, and focus only on the negative aspects of where I currently am. That’s a grass-is-greener mentality that I want to avoid.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, it’s time for some late-night Japanology. 😉 Hope you’ve enjoyed this Recent Meals post, good night, and bon appetit!

NBA Showdown ’94


I created a page for tracking the progress of a full 82-game season in NBA Showdown ’94 for the Sega Genesis. As a kid I never played through an entire season of the game, and one afternoon recently when I decided to play an exhibition for kicks, it brought back memories from that time period, of being a Warriors fan and high school student and watching that 1993-94 NBA season. It was a pretty amazing season being the first year of Michael Jordan’s retirement, the first Houston Rockets championship, Chris Webber’s rookie year, and (sadly) getting eliminated by Charles Barkley’s Suns in the first round of the playoffs. Sadly, it was also the beginning of an era of mediocrity for the Warriors. 🙁

How will the Warriors do in this virtual, retroactive replay of the 1993-94 season? We shall see…

Street Fighter II (PlayStation Version)

I actually uploaded this video to YouTube back in September after doing the SNES versions but never got around to putting it here. So, here goes.

If I remember correctly, I got this game as part of Capcom Generations 5 in Hong Kong around May/June of 1999. It was pretty much a perfect port of the arcade versions, save for the loading times which were normal for PlayStation back then. Although I did play this game a lot, it might have already been too little, too late as I no longer had as much enthusiasm for Street Fighter II as I had in the early 90s.

It had already been 8 years since the game came out in the arcades. Piracy was also rampant at that time and it was easy and cheap to procure pirated game after pirated game, with purchases often including multiple games at one time. As a result, I did not value each game like I did when I had to buy each one individually. With so many choices, it was also difficult to choose which game to spend time on. I’d look at one game and think “oh I don’t want to spend time on this one when I could play that other one” and do this repeatedly. To this day, there are some games that I still haven’t touched because of this.

Still, it was enjoyable beating up on the computer as Guile, and later on when I got my PSP I converted the game to run on it so I could play on the go. Once Capcom Classics Collection Reloaded (which included Street Fighter II) for the PSP came out, it was the end of playing SF2 via Capcom Generations 5.

Making this video, I realized how much I put up with just to play Street Fighter. Although they didn’t seem long at the time, the loading times on this game really are terrible! Perhaps our old TV’s picture-in-picture function made the load-times bearable. 🙂

Tiny Kitchen

Tiny Kitchen

Our HK kitchen – April 19, 2015 – 11:41 PM

Sunday evening in our old HK kitchen, before it was taken apart for move-out. It was a tiny but useful kitchen, and I dare say that it became efficient as well after we mastered how to prepare meals in it. We could have the oven, rice cooker, stovetop, and even the second rice cooker (from Granny) going at the same time. We could even do our laundry in it! (haha)

It’s nice to see these kinds of photos in the slideshow every now and then; reminds you of all the chapters you’ve gone through in life. Here, it’s Sunday night, winding down and getting ready for work the next day. Have a good week!