Super NES Controller – Manual Cover

SNES Controller Manual - Cover

Tonight’s museum post is of the cover of a manual for an SNES controller. Since I recently posted about the iBuffalo controller, it seems appropriate now to post this manual.

As I’ve mentioned here many times before, I was a Sega kid growing up. Of course, however, like everyone else, in 1991 I discovered Street Fighter II. When it was finally released on a console, it came out on the SNES, and again like everyone else, I had to get it. I had finally ventured over to the dark side. My mom got me the Control Set and a copy of the game. I don’t remember when I got this additional controller.

I think I remember scanning this manual, too. It was the holidays in 2008, and I came back to clean out my room. As with many other items in the museum, I took a record of it so that I could throw it out at any time. I don’t remember if I threw it out then. I haven’t seen it since so I probably did.

As always, hope you’ve enjoyed this museum post!

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