Box – Sega Genesis Control Pad

Box - Sega Genesis Control Pad - Front

For tonight’s museum post we have an original box for a Sega Genesis Control Pad.

On this particular box, the front features two interesting things to me. The first is that the price of the controller is actually written on the box, in ballpoint pen – $19.95. We probably bought this around 1991, which would make this pad about $35 in 2015 dollars. One might argue that console controllers have gotten more expensive. I would offer that controllers today come with a lot more buttons, and a lot more technology (vibration, bluetooth/wireless, and pressure-sensitivity to name a few). The price written in pen is a telltale sign that we bought this from Vimy Electronics on Mission Street.

The second interesting thing is the marketing speak: HIGH PERFORMANCE FOR HIGH SCORING. I wonder how many people actually believed that this was true (I might laugh now, but I was probably one of them). It’s interesting to think that someone or some team had to come up with this slogan and get it on the box. Would these words work today if they appeared on a controller box for a modern console?

Box - Sega Genesis Control Pad - Back

On the back of the box we have the same words again, in capital letters. This is followed by some more interesting copy: Masterfully designed to rest comfortably in your hands, the Genesis Control Pad is ready to let the games begin. The “masterfully” has to be a reference to the Master System, right?

The left, top, and bottom of the box are basically miniaturized versions of the front:

Box - Sega Genesis Control Pad - Left

Box - Sega Genesis Control Pad - Top

Box - Sega Genesis Control Pad - Bottom

Finally, we have the right side of the box, which contains a UPC code instead of a picture of the controller. I don’t know much about UPC codes but I would guess that 10086 is a company code or something, because I always recognized this number when purchasing a Sega product.

Box - Sega Genesis Control Pad - Right

As always, hope you enjoyed this museum post!

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