Semi-Lunch Buffet

Appetizer Plate from Mr. Steak Grill Semi-Lunch Buffet

Appetizer plate from Mr. Steak Grill semi-lunch buffet – June 27, 2015

During our last week in Hong Kong we got a chance to try the semi-lunch buffet (or perhaps it should be a semi-buffet lunch) at Mr. Steak Grill in Causeway Bay. The first course is the buffet, followed by an entree of your choice. I enjoyed the appetizer so much (endless shrimp cocktail and smoked salmon FTW!!!) that I barely had room left for my steak.

For around HKD$200 (depending on which entree you pick), it’s not your everyday meal if you’re a regular (read: not rich) HK person, but it’s a good bargain once in awhile for the quality and amount of food you get.

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