Old Octopus

Today’s museum post is a “figure out what to bring back to the U.S.” edition: an old yellow-colored Octopus card.

I found this card many years ago, I think on the floor of the lobby in my aunt’s flat. I brought it with me every time I came back to Hong Kong, but once I started living here I realized that it’s too old to work with the Octopus app on my phone, meaning that I couldn’t keep track of my daily Octopus expenses. It’s been sitting in my drawer ever since.

Old Yellow Octopus

I thought about keeping the card because it has some old logos on the back, but now that I’ve posted it to the museum I think it’s OK to return it to the MTR. Unlike my Sega Genesis games, I don’t think I’ll regret getting rid of this card. Enjoy the museum!

Old Yellow Octopus - Back

Kirin Nodogoshi

Kirin Nodogoshi

Couldn’t really sleep despite feeling tired tonight, so thought I’d get out of bed and post this “beer” that I found at Circle K yesterday. For a while I stopped checking because I pretty much tried all the available 500ml cans, but for some reason I decided to check yesterday and there it was. Amazingly, this is the beer that is featured in a commercial that we saw during Tokyo 2012, the one where the guy takes a huge gulp after eating some okonomiyaki and then yelps in pure joy. How interesting that I didn’t try it then in Tokyo and that it now appears in a store across the street from my place in Hong Kong.

The reason I call it “beer” above is that apparently this drink features no malt. It tastes and looks like beer (I haven’t opened it yet so that remains to be seen) and is made with fermented soy beans instead. Wow!

With less than a week in this place that I’ve called home for the past 2.25+ years and just over a week left in Hong Kong, I’m undoubtedly feeling pensive tonight. Without work to use up my energy, it’s harder to fall asleep after consuming caffeine, and I keep forgetting that I actually don’t have to go to sleep early because I don’t have to get up early. I definitely have some work withdrawal going on right now.

Kirin Nodogoshi – 1x500ml for $16.90