It’s OK

When someone makes a mistake, what is your first response? Do you tell them it’s OK, they made a mistake, they’ll do better next time? Do you get pissed at them? I suppose it depends on whether or not the mistake directly affects you. But even then, deep down if you know they didn’t do it intentionally, you probably want them to get over it and feel better.

For some reason, we’re always less forgiving of ourselves than other people. When I make a mistake, I tend to berate myself for being so stupid. It’s as if we hold ourselves to a higher standard than other people.

But, why should we do this? Are we really so much better than other people? I know for a fact that I’m not. So, the next level for me is to learn to be able to treat myself the same way that I treat others when I make a mistake.

My mistake this time was letting myself get carried away with the flow, not sticking to my guns, not staying within myself. But, I have to tell myself: it’s not the end of the world, you made a mistake. You wasted some time. You felt a little stupid. You felt a little embarrassed. Stop dwelling on it and wasting even more precious time, and do better next time. Remember what’s important.

Yes, I will do better next time and stay within myself. Thank you.

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