Keeping the Ego in Check (Avoiding Overachievement)


Something I thought about on a recent commute:

Keeping the Ego in Check (Avoiding Overachievement)

Achieve a little success/recognition = start thinking unhealthy thoughts = better than everyone else = overachieving = stay at work later = come in earlier = checking email at home

Keeping a healthy distance, avoiding burnout.

Remind myself:
– didn’t do it alone, lots of people helped
– although society seems to celebritize individual achievement, nobody is able to achieve anything entirely on their own
– work never ends, there will always be something to do, something to cross off
– if you’re so smart, why do you need more than 8 hours?

– lead to burnout
– marginalize other people
– thinking you’re better than other people
– wanting to one up others, us vs them attitude