Talisker 10 – Box

Following in the vein of the Macallan box, next up is the box that housed this bottle. This is one of the nicer box and bottle designs I’ve seen, shaded in an attractive blue color no doubt meant to evoke images of the ocean which has played no small part in influencing the flavor of the whisky (well, maybe the photograph of crashing waves has something to do with it as well). Talisker made an imprint on my memory and I will be most definitely be procuring another bottle someday. For now, I’ll keep this particular bottle in the museum.

Talisker 10 - Box Front

Talisker 10 - Box Right (Isometric)

Talisker 10 - Box Left (Isometric)

Talisker 10 - Box Back

Talisker 10 - Label Front

Talisker 10 - Label Front

Talisker 10 - Label Back

Talisker 10 - Box Top

Talisker 10 - Box Bottom

Talisker 10 - Box Top Inlet

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