Roasted Pork Collar/Shoulder

Pork Collar Skin
Needs more holes

I stopped by Wellcome on the way home from work and saw a 332g (11.7 oz or nearly 3/4 lb) skin-on piece of pork collar (I think it’s also called pork shoulder in other places) for $18.70, so I thought I’d try my hand at roasting it this evening for lunch tomorrow. Smeared some Colman’s English mustard all over the meat, scored the skin, and then placed it into the electric oven on the top-and-bottom-element, rotisserie-convection setting at ~190˚C for about 50 minutes (and rested it for 5). It came out only OK, some parts were slightly pink and the skin was not that crunchy. The piece I tried tasted a little like Chinese BBQ pork.

Pork Collar Resting
Maybe next time I’ll remove the spit first before taking a photo

Since it’s my first time making it, I’ll list some notes for the future:

  1. Rest the meat before cooking and 50 minutes should be OK. Can probably also let it rest 10 minutes after cooking instead of 5.
  2. Use a fork to poke holes in the skin and/or score it a little bit more so more fat can drip out during cooking and crisp the skin.
  3. In addition to the above, maybe sear the skin in a frying pan first since it’s such a small piece of meat.
  4. Rest the piece of meat on the cutting board when trying to secure it to the spit (instead of holding it in my left hand and fumbling around with the contraption with my right).
  5. Make sure the spit goes into the socket the right way or else it will be difficult to remove later on.
Final Product
Not too bad, but could be better

I look forward to implementing the above improvements. For now, I think I’ll still enjoy my lunch tomorrow. 🙂 Good night!

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