Sonic the Hedgehog

After hearing the news of Sega pulling out of the console market, for some reason I thought back to 1991, the year that Sonic the Hedgehog came out. That was the year that I graduated from middle school, and I remember receiving Sonic the Hedgehog soon after (not sure if I got it on the day of release, or if it was supposed to be a graduation present). I think we got it from Vimy Video on Mission Street (I guess it’s technically called Vimy Electronics but that’s how the Vietnamese guys who owned it used to answer the phone: “Vimy video”).

Before I even got to Marble Zone, however, my family took off for a trip to Southern California. Imagine getting the hottest game to come out in years, playing it for a couple of days, and then leaving to go on some stupid trip. Wow. My 12-year-old self was livid. To make it worse, we drove down to Southern California in a car without air conditioning. Double-wow. Imagine driving through the cow-shit area on I-5 with the windows down and hot air and stank plowing you in the face. I could have been playing Sonic the Hedgehog!!!

We probably spent a week down there. The only thing I remember from that trip is going to a restaurant bathroom at Disneyland and hearing someone having a hard time trying to take a dump. He was making the hissy sound that some people make when they’re in pain. Ouch.

I thought about all this while listening to the recordings I made from the game’s sound test. I’m writing this now while listening to the recordings I made from the game’s sound test. I will never forgive myself for selling away all my Genesis games.

One other thing I remember from that time period is that school let out in June and started in September. For some reason, it now ends in May and starts in August.

RIP Sega console games.

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