Pygmy Cory

Pygmy Cory - Sunshine Aquarium - Tokyo, Japan
A type of pygmy cory displayed at the Sunshine Aquarium – Tokyo, Japan – September 23, 2012

Two years ago today we arrived in Japan for the second leg of our Adventure 2012. Just like that it’s been two years already!

Anyhow, my desktop slideshow is currently playing photos from Tokyo 2012, and tonight another photo from the nature aquarium showed up. As I said, I never tire of looking at these sorts of photos. Here, we have some type of pygmy cory, and beneath it is a Japanese bamboo shrimp. In the background there are yet more unidentified fish.

Although I’m now busy with work and everything else that’s associated with it, I want to try and continue posting here (unlike in August, when I made ONE post). Here’s to keeping the streak alive!

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