Old Hong Kong Money II (The 10s)

For tonight’s museum post, we have some more old Hong Kong money. First up, an old 10-cent coin from 1982:

Hong Kong 10-Cent Coin Circa 1982
Hong Kong 10 Cents – 1982
Hong Kong 10-Cent Coin Circa 1982
Number 10

It’s interesting to note the number 10 on this coin. If I recall correctly, the only other coin of that period that had an Arabic numeral on the tail was the five dollar coin; everything else had either the denomination in Chinese or the British lion on it (see the other post linked above for examples).

Next up, we have an HSBC 10-dollar bill from 1992:

Hong Kong 10-Dollar Bill Circa 1992
Hong Kong 10 dollars – 1992
Hong Kong 10-Dollar Bill Circa 1992
In HSBC we trust

This 10-dollar bill came from the series that I remember so fondly from childhood, the one seen in various HK movies of the period. They are all printed by HSBC, and the denomination is prominently printed in block English letters front and center with the coat of arms on the left and the watermark on the right, whether the bill (or should I say note?) is ten dollars, one hundred dollars, or one thousand dollars (stacks and stacks of the orange-colored bills in certain movies). It definitely seemed like the HSBC ones were more popular back then. I wonder why?

It’s also interesting to see how both HSBC and Standard Chartered put pictures of their headquarters on their bills. It’s the ultimate pissing contest, like a bunch of teenage boys in a high school locker room. Later on, the Chinese banks got in on the act as well, putting their headquarters on their bills. My skyscraper’s bigger than yours!

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