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Waiting for First Train at North Point - June 15, 2007
Waiting for the first train at North Point – June 15, 2007 5:59 AM

I had the morning shift this morning so I was on the MTR at 6:30. It wasn’t quite the first train, but it was close enough to make me think of summer 2007, when I took the first train of the day. At that time, I wrote in my journal:

When I left the hotel this morning it was before 6AM. There were quite a few people out and about already. The weather didn’t feel so bad. So far, it has not met my expectations, which is a good thing. I knew that I should find something to eat, but wasn’t really sure from where. I thought I’d check out the MTR station, but it wasn’t even open yet. I thought that was amusing. I checked the sign and it said the first train wouldn’t arrive until 0606. I decided to walk around to see what, if any, places there were to eat.

When the MTR’s gates finally opened, I went downstairs, only to find that the fare gates all had red Xs on them. I wanted to take a picture but my hands were full, plus I was eating my breakfast. When they opened the gate, I went inside and waited for the train. I tried to imagine what kind of jobs the people I saw were going to.

Over 7 years later I am on the other side and don’t have to imagine what kind of job I’m going to because I know it, because I’m experiencing it. Experience has also taught me that if the person I am today were seeing an entire row of red Xs for the first time, I wouldn’t be afraid and would find a way to take that photo.

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