The past couple of nights have been the same. Still waking up very early in the morning. Last night I think I dreamed about my cousin, and after I woke up I remembered that earlier in the week (or recent past) I dreamt of his sister. I wonder what they (or my subconscious) are trying to tell me?

Things are slowly changing now. The days where I have seemingly limitless time are occurring less. The past two days I have been working on an XP to 7 migration in a small office. As small offices tend to do, they ordered all Windows 7 Home Premium machines.

It’s a challenge getting these things to network with each other when I’m used to the Professional versions. One of the first things I learned in my computing life was to always disable the Guest account, but that doesn’t always apply when sharing on the home versions. Yesterday, I had an issue where previously the machines were talking to each other, then inexplicably one of them would only talk to certain ones. When it couldn’t connect, it would tell me that the username and password were invalid, even though I was not using account-based or password-protected sharing. Finally, it occurred to me to type in “Guest” as the username, and all was well.

It was annoying trying to find answers in Google. In the past I’ve had good results with search terms that I think people would use for a certain problem, but now Google corrects the terms and tries to tell you what it thinks you were searching for (in the end I didn’t get the answer). I guess now even if you do put in the right term, the result won’t be too helpful anyway because so many sites cheat with their so-called SEO shit. One of the worst is a Microsoft Q&A site. So many questions are marked as “answered” when the answer is just some canned-response from a Microsoft “MVP VGA CEO ABCDEFG” telling you to “press F1 for help” or “call tech support”. SMH.

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