Lately I’ve been going to bed before 11 and waking up at 5 every morning. The going-to-bed is by design, the waking up is not. I’ve been cutting back on the caffeine as well, so I don’t know why I just automatically wake up at 5 every morning.

I remember back in college we had a class in the spring that discussed how daylight savings affects our schedules. A simple one-hour shift can end up affecting you for months after the clocks change. I wonder if that’s what I’m going through now. Previously, I had been going to bed after midnight, and now I’ve shifted a couple of hours back.

The other peculiar thing is that it’s seemed like I’ve had a dream before every one of these early rises (well, maybe I shouldn’t call them rises, because I usually stay in bed and try to sleep a little more). This morning, I dreamt about our old board games, Monopoly and Scrabble. I was trying to find them but I had (and have) no idea what happened to them after we moved out in 2012. Here in Hong Kong, the only Monopoly available is a localized version. I still like the Atlantic City one the best.