Windows 7 Home Premium Password Expiration

A lot of small offices without IT departments buy whatever the deal of the day is when it comes to PCs. More often than not, these PCs come with the home version of Windows. In this particular office, file-sharing on a Windows 7 Home Premium peer-to-peer network stopped working because one of the passwords had expired.

I searched around trying to find a solution, and used the information in the links below to solve the problem. Disable password expiration in Windows 7 Home Premium
Windows Command Line: wmic useraccounts

Instead of disabling password-expiration on all accounts, I used the following command to disable expiration on one particular account:

wmic useraccount where Name='Username' set passwordexpires=false

No, it’s not a good idea to have passwords that never expire, but in the real world in small offices where IT is the last thing on anyone’s mind, it happens.

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