Out Run (Sega Mega Drive)

Some time in the early 90s, my aunt from Hong Kong came to visit us in the United States. As a gift, she brought me a copy of Out Run for the Japanese Sega Mega Drive. If I remember correctly, on that visit I also scored Kenseiden and Spellcaster for the Sega Master System.

At that time, Out Run had not yet been released for the Genesis, so the only way I could play it as close to the arcade as possible was via the Mega Drive version. The cartridge came in a yellow box and had rounded edges, unlike Genesis cartridges which had more triangular ones. As a result, Mega Drive cartridges could not physically slide into the cartridge slot of the Genesis. Luckily, I had already melted the tabs on my Genesis so that I could play Devil’s Crash MD.

When I was a kid in Hong Kong, I played both the arcade and the Sega Master System versions, but I never owned the latter. Instead, I played it at one of my classmates’ house. My favorite music track was always Splash Wave.

Later on, with emulation and a release on the Dreamcast, I was finally able to play the arcade version at home, but the Mega Drive version will always be my favorite. It was the one I spent the most time playing while I was growing up. I still listen to MP3s of original recordings I made of the soundtrack (except Step On Beat, which I thought was an imposter). To me, Out Run is definitely one of the most iconic and greatest games of all time.

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