Menu Notes Week of 5-5-14


Spaghetti with Tomato Shrimp Sauce
Spaghetti with Tomato Shrimp Sauce

Nothing fancy, just your regular spaghetti with canned tomatoes and the leftover (frozen) shrimp from the salad last week. My recipe called for browning some garlic in olive oil, then discarding the garlic, probably to infuse the oil with garlic flavor. Maybe I didn’t brown enough, or maybe I used too much liquid subsequently, because I couldn’t really taste garlic in the end product. I also made too much pasta again. A pound is way too much for two people, a half pound might be better for next time.


Sweating Onions
Sweating onions

Clams in Tomato Whiskey Sauce
Chinese Marrow (節瓜) Flavoured with Ham and Dried Scallop
Steamed Pork Cake with Preserved Bok Choy (梅菜)

I had some leftover tomato juice from Monday’s canned tomatoes and figured I’d make a tomato egg-flower soup, but on the way to the supermarket it occurred to me that clams might be good in tomato sauce, so decided to give it a try. I sweated some onions first, then poured in the juice, and added another package of diced tomatoes just to be safe. Thinking about it now, maybe I didn’t need that extra package. Added the clams along with some Irish whiskey just for kicks, and it actually came out pretty good. I ate a lot of the sauce like a soup. The leftovers will make a good pasta sauce for tomorrow.

Clams in Tomato Whiskey Sauce Chinese Marrow Flavoured with Ham and Dried Scallop

I was craving some mushy Chinese marrow so I cooked these in a broth flavoured with Chinese ham and dried scallops (Swanson’s chicken broth flavoured with ham, and added my own dried scallops). Again, I drank the sauce like a soup and all was well. This one is super simple, plus I cheated with the Swanson’s, can’t really go wrong.

Steamed Pork Cake with Preserved Bok Choy (梅菜)
Steamed Pork Cake with Preserved Bok Choy (梅菜)

Lastly for today we had the steamed pork cake. I tried pulverizing the meat a little less today, and it came out alright. I realized that the packing of the meat happens not because I put too little accompaniments in it, but because I’m using a little tiny plate in order to squeeze it into the rice cooker. When I eat this dish in a restaurant, it’s always on a flat, large plate, and the cake itself is pretty flat as well. Obviously when you shrink the size of the container, the contents gets packed. This one will be good tomorrow as a leftover after spending a night in the fridge.


Macaroni in Tomato Clam Sauce
Macaroni in Tomato Clam Sauce

Nothing special today, just used the sauce from last night to top some macaroni. Did shell the clams, though.

Guess it’s a tomato sauce week this week, but thankfully the sauce is all gone now.


Yam Leaves (Bittermelon in Background)
Yam leaves with bittermelon in the background, notice the ivy-like leaves

Stir-fried Yam Leaf with Garlic
Braised Pork Spareribs with Bittermelon and Black Beans

After getting the 青莧菜 last week thinking it was yam leaf, this week I got the real thing. Compared to 青莧菜, 翻薯葉 (aka 翻薯苗) is a little less tender and is probably better off being cooked in some liquid. After stir-frying for a bit, I tried some and it wasn’t as tender as when I’ve had it in restaurants. After adding a little water, it came out pretty good. I want to say it reminds me of spinach a little bit, but unlike spinach it doesn’t leave that feeling on your teeth.

The spareribs came out really good. I bought two whole ones and cut the meat off and into pieces, and braised the bones and meat after browning them with some garlic. After about an hour, I topped off some liquid (water only this time, no “secret ingredient”) and added sweated bittermelon and onion and let that braise for about 30 minutes. Removed the meat and veggies and seasoned and thickened the sauce, and all was well. Went really good with rice. I’m salivating just writing about it!


Rice Cooker Wings
Baked chicken wings with spicy Montreal seasoning

A lazy Sunday today and wanted something to snack on while watching TV. Plopped some frozen chicken wings in the rice cooker, set the cake function for 25 minutes (maybe I should call them steam-baked?), season at 5 minutes, flip at 12 and season again, and beep-beep-beep, some plump, juicy wings ready for enjoying. These are the same as the ones I made on the Tuesday of 4-14-14.

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