Menu Notes Week of 4-28-14


Fresh Straw Mushrooms
Fresh, not canned

Had a full menu today, back to work after Easter break:

Cilantro Tofu Soup with Preserved Duck Eggs and Straw Mushrooms
Garlic and Shrimp Paste Water Convolvulus with Chili
Ginger Pork Tenderloin

The soup was almost perfect, think I was a bit overzealous with the cilantro. One bunch might be good enough next time. Otherwise, 1 half-pack of tofu and 2 eggs worked well. The fresh straw mushrooms were a refreshing change from the canned variety.

Cilantro Tofu Soup w. Preserved Duck Eggs, Straw Mushrooms Garlic and Shrimp Paste Water Convolvulus w. Chili

When the veggie man grabbed the mushrooms for me he accidentally grabbed a chili pepper. I stir-fried that along with some garlic and shrimp paste in oil before throwing in the water convolvulus, and it came out better than the last couple of times. Note that this was the lighter-colored variety of convolvulus, also known as 水通.

Ginger Pork Tenderloin

The ginger pork tenderloin was a bit of a disappointment. Maybe I should have grilled the tenderloin instead, like how I used to do it in America. Instead, I sliced it and marinated it in soy sauce, sugar, ginger, sesame oil, and cornstarch. The flavor was there, but the texture was not. It was actually too tender. As the cook, having seen the meat in its raw form, eating it in its cooked form reminded me of the former. Not good. Perhaps tenderloin is not good for stir-fry. Anyhow, it was the first time I bought it in Hong Kong, never saw it before today.


Chinese Marrow with Dried Shrimp and Bean Thread

Too much water, tried to boil it off and marrow got too soft. The marrow probably releases some water when it’s cooked, too, so keep that in mind for next time.


Tom Yum Flavoured Soup with Shrimp and Straw Mushrooms

Had the leftover mushrooms from the other day as well as some Tom Yum soup paste, so decided to make a soup with it. Came out pretty good. I learned not to wash all the straw mushrooms at once if I’m not going to use them, because after storing them in the fridge for a couple of days all the water was drawn out and they got all damp and shriveled up. In the past, unwashed mushrooms remained firm and dry when stored.


Chinese Marrow with Dried Scallops
Chinese Marrow with Dried Scallops

Chinese Marrow with Dried Scallops
Salt and Pepper Chicken Wings
Water Convolvulus Stir-Fried in Garlic and Shrimp Paste
Steamed Salted Duck Egg

Been doing the water convolvulus thing to death lately, gonna hold off for a while. I guess I wanted to use up the shrimp paste (still have some). The other way to make it is with fermented tofu, which I like better.

Salt and Pepper Wings
Salt and Pepper Wings

The salt and pepper wings may have come out a little too salty. This one’s really basic. When we didn’t have an oven we used the “cake” function on the rice cooker to make chicken wings, and they came out OK, though maybe tending more to the damp side. Perhaps I’ll start using the oven to cook the wings because sometimes I want traditional roasted, dry wings.

The Chinese marrow came out good but once again I used too much water (though this time it was for the sauce, not the marrow). I ended up pouring most of it out, but overall this dish came out great. We had some leftover oyster sauce stuck inside the bottle so I mixed in some hot water to get it out. I used three dried scallops. Didn’t need any other seasonings.

Salted Duck Egg
Salted Duck Egg

The salted duck egg exploded again, probably because I thought to use it at the last minute and it was still cold coming out of the fridge. At least it wasn’t as bad as last time.

That’s it for all the stuff I bought earlier in the week, off to the market tomorrow.


Garden Salad with Shrimp
Garden Salad with Shrimp

Garden Salad with Shrimp, Japanese Sesame Dressing
(Lettuce, Red Bell Pepper, Onion, Scallion, Cherry Tomato)

I went to the wet market not knowing what I’d make, thinking I’d try putting together something different using only ingredients that looked good. I stumbled upon some lettuce (not sure what kind, similar to Romaine, I want to say Chinese lettuce) and bell peppers, and it occurred to me to make a salad. In Hong Kong, vendors will throw in a few scallion stalks if you buy over a certain amount from them, so I used some in the salad. I was most proud of the shrimp since I’m usually not that great with seafood: boiled them in water along with some sliced lemon and onion, then plunged them in an ice bath. Refrigerate the whole thing, result: tasty and crispy!


Chef's Salad
Chef’s Salad

Chef’s Salad
(Lettuce, Red Bell Pepper, Onion, Scallion, Cherry Tomato, Ham, American Cheese, Hard-boiled Eggs)

Had some ingredients left over so made a Chef’s Salad. Didn’t even know I’d made one until I made this post. My eggs could use a little work, had a hard time peeling them. I did bring them to room temp before boiling them.


Washed Yam Leaf
Washed and ready to go

Chicken with Yellow Peppers
Stir-fried Yam Leaf with Dried Shrimp and Garlic

Chicken came out kind of tough, not sure if because it was frozen variety from China. When I tossed the meat into the pan to stir-fry, it stuck to the pan. Pan was not hot enough. Probably not enough oil, either. I did not marinate the chicken, just seasoned with salt and pepper. The toughness took away from it, a lot.

Chicken with Yellow Pepper Yam Leaf with Garlic and Dried Shrimp

The veggie came out good, and I say veggie because I’m not 100% certain that it was a yam leaf (翻薯葉). It tasted like it but the leaves didn’t look exactly like the ones I googled. Maybe it’s a variation. I had some in my ramen today and it was really good, I’m a big fan of it.

Update 5-7-14: I found out that the veggie I got was 青莧菜, the all-green variety of 莧菜, which has purple/red in it. In America, we used to have this with salted and preserved duck eggs, deep-fried garlic, and stock. Now that I think about it, it did taste similar to that. Yam leaf does indeed have ivy-like leaves, and was not what I had on Sunday.

A pretty good week last week in terms of menus. The beat goes on…

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