Enduro Racer

Enduro Racer is another one of those old Sega games that you can just pick up and play, and beat in a short amount of time (assuming you’ve been playing games your whole life). One of my favorite games, I didn’t discover it until we moved to the U.S. There was (and actually, still is) a video store owned by some Vietnamese immigrants in my neighborhood that offered game rentals, which is how I discovered the game.

Maybe the reason I liked the game so much was that I didn’t own it. You always covet what you don’t have. Then again, it could also have been the simple and addicting gameplay. It was a challenge timing wheelies so that the jumps would give you a boost instead of slow you down.

It wasn’t until I encountered that comic book store in college that I became a proud owner of an Enduro Racer cartridge.

The ending of Enduro Racer is noteworthy. It’s a simple text-only ending, but the message is spot-on. It’s pretty awesome that such a simple game has such a profound ending. No, it’s not about winning or losing. What’s important is that “you make a commitment to begin the long and trying trek”. The words seem to echo a lot of what I’ve written on here in the past 15 months. I wonder how many other kids growing up in my time were affected by these words of wisdom?

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