Menu Week of 4-14-14


Water convolvulus stir-fried in garlic and shrimp paste
Chicken wings steamed with fresh shiitake mushrooms (garlic and soy sauce)
Steamed salted duck egg

Biggest lesson today was to not over-stuff the rice cooker. I tried to squeeze in the salted duck egg plus the chicken wings (which were larger, plumper Chilean ones) which resulted in the duck egg exploding, the rice compacted, and the chicken wings undercooked. Fuzzy logic is not the end-all-be-all of cooking!


Baked chicken wings with spicy Montreal seasoning
Pumpkin Chayote Pork Soup

After Monday’s debacle I had to do right by my chicken wing fix. Went back to basics and baked those plump wings sprinkled with spicy McCormick Montreal seasoning. Yum.

The soup was a new creation. I’ve never been a fan of pumpkin, but JC advocated it so I experimented with it. Made it traditional Chinese style, cooked in water with a piece of pork. The pumpkin peel is hard when raw, but it softened up a lot after being in the soup. Same goes for the chayote. Saves some time with prep.


Lotus Root and Carrot Soup
Almost perfect soup

Lotus root and carrot soup with dried lotus seeds

I really like this soup but I didn’t try adding lotus seeds until now. It seems that the seeds go well with the roots. I remembered to add a Chinese sweet date (蜜棗) this time. The pork bones I used had boar taint (yuck), taking away from the soup a bit.

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