Symbios Logic 810A SCSI Controller

Symbios Logic 810A SCSI Controller

For today’s museum post we have a Symbios Logic 810A SCSI controller. This was the one and only SCSI controller I ever owned – I bought it in 1997 along with my first CD burner, a Sony CDU926S. IIRC, optical drives back then were all SCSI (ATAPI drives came later) so you had to get a separate controller to connect the drive. My controller came with a really long (and wide) 50-pin ribbon cable. Sadly, I did not take a photo of it.

Note that although the controller used a Symbios Logic chip, the card itself was produced by a company called Computer Systems Corporation (they made a bunch of stuff back then). This card is apparently the JDC5010 (as printed on the circuit board), but the documentation that came with the card referenced a JDC5075. Either I’m getting old and forgot about another SCSI card that I acquired, or the card came with the wrong documentation.

For years I kept the card and CD burner hoping to one day rebuild my old Pentium 200, but real life got in the way and I eventually dumped the hardware. Fortunately, I have this site and its museum if I ever want to relive those days. Enjoy!

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