Some New Words

rectitude – morally correct behavior.

“Mr. So and So is a stand-up guy, a real model of rectitude.”

torpor – a state of mental or physical inactivity.

I guess if you google this word you’ll find that the word’s primary use is for describing animals adapting to adverse conditions. But it can be used for humans as well, to describe lethargy.

inimical – tending to obstruct or harm; hostile.

If you don’t get along with someone, you might expect some inimical behavior from them. Here’s a good one: the Hong Kong government frequently receives inimical responses to its policies from the Democratic Party.

Symbios Logic 810A SCSI Controller

Symbios Logic 810A SCSI Controller

For today’s museum post we have a Symbios Logic 810A SCSI controller. This was the one and only SCSI controller I ever owned – I bought it in 1997 along with my first CD burner, a Sony CDU926S. IIRC, optical drives back then were all SCSI (ATAPI drives came later) so you had to get a separate controller to connect the drive. My controller came with a really long (and wide) 50-pin ribbon cable. Sadly, I did not take a photo of it.

Note that although the controller used a Symbios Logic chip, the card itself was produced by a company called Computer Systems Corporation (they made a bunch of stuff back then). This card is apparently the JDC5010 (as printed on the circuit board), but the documentation that came with the card referenced a JDC5075. Either I’m getting old and forgot about another SCSI card that I acquired, or the card came with the wrong documentation.

For years I kept the card and CD burner hoping to one day rebuild my old Pentium 200, but real life got in the way and I eventually dumped the hardware. Fortunately, I have this site and its museum if I ever want to relive those days. Enjoy!