Gillette Sensor Excel

Gillette Sensor Excel

I have used this razor for as long as I remember, probably over a decade. The other day I left it in the shower, JC saw it, and she told me it was time to replace it (not sure why she never said anything when it’s in its usual spot on the sink). Admittedly it’s gotten pretty nasty, but I’ve always been reluctant to replace it because of cost and lack of availability. In Hong Kong, the only place I’d ever seen it was in Jasons at Gold Coast.

A few days after, I was walking through PARKnSHOP at Provident Centre. There, hanging on an otherwise empty rack all by itself was a Gillette Sensor Excel. It was a bit strange, because the entire section was otherwise completely devoid of razors (restocking maybe?). When I saw it presented to me in such a manner, I knew it was time to replace. The price turned out to be pretty good, too: HKD$34.90.

I can’t remember if the original was ever so shiny…

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