I was digging through some old files and found this drawing that I made in Windows 3.1 Paintbrush in 1994. These old-style graphics are very comforting to me, perhaps because they remind me of growing up in the 90s in our little cozy apartment in San Francisco, my old 386 humming quietly as I put this little scene together. Today’s games and graphics seem too advanced by comparison. Perhaps the simpler graphics are a reflection of simpler times.

Even then, I was already a fan of the night. This drawing depicts how I feel when I stay up late at night. I am calm. I am at peace. I lay awake contemplating this thing we call life, the sound of the splashing water lulling me slowly to sleep.

These old bitmaps don’t resize well, so please click to view it full-size.

Real Love


I was thinking about what real love is.
Real love is love that exists in the real world, not some fairy tale in a storybook.
Real love is love that you see everyday, not that which you only see in a movie.

Real love is working two jobs to pay the bills.
Real love is both coming home tired, but one of us has to cook dinner.
Real love is eating a simple meal together in front of the TV.

Real love is taking turns to clean the toilet.
Real love is taking turns to use the toilet.
Real love is learning to keep down the seat of the toilet.

Real love is doing your own thing in different rooms.
Real love is peeking in to see what they’re doing.
Real love is visiting once in a while to say hello.

Real love is sleeping on your side of the bed.
Real love is getting up before they do, and doing it quietly.
Real love is a kiss on the cheek before leaving for work.

Real love is hard work.
Real love is built, bit by bit, day by day, year by year.
We keep going, hand in hand, good and bad, until the end of time.

Seafood Street Aquariums

A different kind of aquarium post today. In Hong Kong, there is a place called Sai Kung that is known for its Seafood Street.

Although these are holding tanks for seafood, they still follow some of the basic requirements for an aquarium: a good filtration system, frequent water turnover, clear glass, and good lighting. It really is quite a sight to see all the different species on display here.

These photos were taken in 2006. We have eaten at Seafood Street a few more times since then. Enjoy.

Scotland Rest Day

Sunset, Aberdeen, Scotland

Saying goodbye to the day in Aberdeen, Scotland

October 20, 2012

As we had done in London a week earlier, we spent this Saturday in Aberdeen resting. After several restless nights in a row, plus a full day visiting Glenfiddich the day before, we needed to recharge. I went out to return the car and buy lunch, and then stayed in the hotel for the rest of the day.

It was a slow, relaxing, pleasant afternoon. I spent the majority of it sitting at my computer and balancing our finances while JC sat on the bed and read the paper with the TV on. At one point, the most recent Star Wars movie was on. There was a cooking show from BBC Scotland. It was just like spending a lazy afternoon at home, and I imagine it was not too dissimilar from the afternoons of some other people in Aberdeen on that day.

Speaking of TV, I do like watching local TV to get a glimpse of what it might be like to live somewhere. When we were in Japan, it was the commercials that caught my attention. In Scotland, it was the late-night gambling shows with scantily clad women spinning roulette wheels and wishing people good luck. I also enjoyed listening to the local newscasters speaking in their native Scottish accent.

Later in the evening, it was morning back home in SF, and it was also the day of my cousin’s memorial service (he had passed away a few days earlier). I drank Laphroaig and thought about my cousin while I waited for news from my family. As I’ve written before, it helps to have a drink to unlock the mind as well as the heart. I ended up finishing the bottle since I knew we would be flying back to the U.S. in a few days. I probably also wanted to sooth my regret at being unable to be at the service.

We finished the night with some late night pizza and curry from the hotel restaurant. Gotta love the former British Empire and its curry.

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