PlayStation Memory Card, Original Japanese Box (SCPH-1020)

Saw a photo of this in my slideshow today, the box of my first PlayStation memory card. I got it along with my first PlayStation back in 1995. Unlike their American counterparts, Japanese memory cards came with a plastic case. I remember telling this to someone at my first job (at a video game company) and they asked me why it was necessary. I suppose the extra protection would be helpful if you carried your memory cards around in your pocket.

These days, the PS3 no longer uses memory cards, but an unfortunate reality is that not all games support the transfer of saved games, so you can’t bring the game you were playing over to a friend’s house to show him how far you’ve gotten, for example. Is this another instance of DRM gone awry? I don’t know, I just know that it’s a step backwards from how it used to be.

Enjoy the photos.

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