Model 1 Sega Genesis

Today’s museum post will be of my pride and joy, my original Sega Genesis system. The original console was offered to me as a bribe from my mother to get me to study hard in order to get into a prestigious high school (I think that was the last time I ever got straight 4.0s in my academic career). I don’t remember the circumstances of my Sega CD acquisition, but I do remember bringing it home, unboxing it, and then setting it up. It was in the evening and my cousin was with us. I think we bought it from Macy’s in Serramonte.

After the first half-hour it was kind of a “is that it after begging and pleading with my parents to spend $299?!?!” sort of moment. It was one of the first times I ever felt disappointed with a gaming system, but at the time I didn’t know how to process such a feeling, so I tried really hard to enjoy it more. Sol-Feace and Golden Axe with CD music? Wow! Hardware scaling and rotation? Woo! At that age I was much more easily swayed by marketing hype, unaware that it was gameplay that was most instrumental in making a game fun. So, even though Golden Axe is fun, by that time it was a 4-year-old game, and after having played it so many times in the past 3 years, new music (and actually, it was pretty crappy music) didn’t suddenly make it fun again.

Still, I fondly remember many a rainy afternoon playing Sherlock Holmes in our little tiny apartment, the little tiny and grainy video of scenes from cold, foggy Victorian London making a fine accompaniment to the cold, wet San Francisco winter outside. Ah, memories from adolescence.

The Super Street Fighter II cartridge is one of the last few cartridges I have after I foolishly sold most of my collection.