Nike Air Flight Certified (2007-2013)

Nike Air Flight Certified
Nike Air Flight Certified – Retired

I’ve had these shoes for 6 years. When I came home from basketball the other day, to take off the shoe I stepped on the heel while pulling out my foot (something I’ve done hundreds of times), and “BRAAAP” the sole separated from the rest of the shoe. I guess the combination of heat, humidity, and age finally took its toll.

In 2007, I was in Hong Kong and out shopping with my family when I chanced upon these shoes. I had just discovered some basketball courts near my hotel in Hong Kong and wanted to play, so my mother offered to buy them for me. 2007 was the first time I returned to Hong Kong on my own, and I was very excited at the prospect of playing hours of basketball during the day and eating like a pig at night.

ong Kong Basketball Court
Here I am at the new-to-me courts in 2007

When it was time to return to the U.S., I didn’t have enough room to bring the shoebox with me:

Nike Air Flight Certified Shoebox
Nike Air Flight Certified Shoebox

In the U.S., I kept these shoes at work and I would use them when I went to the YMCA during work breaks to play basketball. When returning to Hong Kong in subsequent years, I would always stay at the same hotel and bring my shoes with me.

Basketball @ YMCA 8-20-09
Here I am at the YMCA.

When I look back on the past 6 years, I cannot believe that so much has happened, that so much has changed. When I first bought these shoes, I was just starting out as a full-time employee at my previous job after being part-time for a couple of years. Just like that, I spent five more years at that company and then traveled around the world, and now I’m in Hong Kong again, not as a tourist, but as a resident. Unbelievable.

Without my trusty old shoes I cannot play basketball, so I quickly went to the Nike Factory Store and picked up a pair of Air Jordan 2012 Lites. I never thought that I would own a pair of Air Jordans, but these were the most comfortable pair of shoes that I tried (they’re incredibly light), and since they are last year’s model, I got them at a reduced price. After testing them out on the court last night, I’m very happy with them. Here’s to hoping they last as long as my previous pair.

Nike Air Jordan 2012 Lite
Nike Air Jordan 2012 Lite

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