Aquarium de Paris Photo Gallery

As I said in my original post, the Aquarium de Paris is the best aquarium I have ever been to. It was very well balanced in terms of what types of animals were on display. In many aquariums I’ve been to, the variety of livestock is usually overly skewed to either saltwater or freshwater, but I thought it was pretty even here. The native area (i.e. the Seine and North Atlantic) was well-represented, in addition to foreign habitats such as tropical reefs and Amazonian jungle. I was also impressed with how clean the aquarium was. There were no scratches on the glass (or plexiglass), and the lighting for each display was appropriately bright or dim. Instead of traditional placards, each tank had an LCD monitor displaying dynamically updated and relevant information. Even their website is better than most, with a detailed catalog of the species on display.

If you’re an aquarium enthusiast visiting Paris, definitely make a trip to the Aquarium de Paris a priority! For now, please enjoy the photo gallery.

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