Trying Ardbeg 10

Opening a new bottle of Scotch is such an experience. Taking it out of the box, removing the bottle, peeking inside to see if there’s a little brochure. Reading the carton and the labels on the bottle. Busting out my Michael Jackson book to see what he thought of my new bottle. Finally, pulling on the little plastic tab to break the foil wrapping, and opening the bottle to get a whiff of a freshly opened bottle of whisky. Ah, pure heaven!

Ardbeg 10

Tonight, I opened the bottle of Ardbeg 10 that I bought yesterday (yeah, I lasted a day). Here’s what I thought:

Color: Pale, creamy champagne
Nose: Flowery, curry, yogurt
Body: Light, oily
Palate: Burnt grass, smoke, peat, brown sugar
Finish: Chocolate, toffee

I am still amazed and in awe of people who can describe all the smells and tastes in whisky. One of these days, I’ll have to attend a tasting class, but for now my gut reactions will have to suffice. Besides, like art and women, everyone has their own tastes, right?

Trying Ardbeg 10