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After 3 months of living at home we are finally on our way to Hong Kong. We are slightly behind schedule; originally, we had planned to be in Hong Kong by November, but of course we had decided to travel instead and didn’t even make it back to SF until that time. Once we were back in SF, we were (well, mostly I was) back and forth on whether we should take the plunge. It seemed that after traveling to so many places, I was comfortable settling down and making a home for myself. A lot of my thinking had to do with how much money we had spent on the trip.

OK, so if I’m stressing about money and we’ve finished traveling, then the next step is to find a job and a place to live. The more I thought about having to find a job in the Bay Area, the more I didn’t want to. It makes no sense. The Bay Area and Silicon Valley is one of the most desirable places to be in the country, if not the world. Why would I want to leave? Why did I keep getting the urge to live and work in Hong Kong?

An excerpt from my personal journal might explain it a bit:

Looking at how I’ve looked at Hong Kong in the past few years, one could say that moving to Hong Kong is my dream. I’ve thought about it so much. I’ve talked about it so much. We’ve already done so much, getting JC’s ID and opening our bank account. We still have that bottle of Lagavulin we’re planning to open once we’re settled. If I don’t do it now, I will regret it for the rest of my life. If I went and got a job in SF now, I would think “what if” every single day. That is the fact of the matter.

I would do well to remember a lesson taught to me during the road trip, when I went swimming at all those hotels. Just close my eyes and jump in. The instant that happens it is shockingly cold, but after a few seconds it’s perfectly fine, and then I start swimming. After 10 minutes, I have had my workout and get out of the pool, and there is such a mix of good feelings: feeling glad that I jumped in, my body feeling good after exercising, feeling hungry and ready to fill my stomach with delicious food. Now, the shockingly cold moment will be clicking “confirm” on the Cathay Pacific website.

Although we are originally from Hong Kong, we have never actually lived and worked there. I want to know how we’ll do over there. Will we survive? Will we thrive? How will we adjust? It’s actually rather interesting. We have been returning to Hong Kong on an almost annual basis for the past few years, which means we have been immersed somewhat in the culture and the society, but at the same time, going somewhere for vacation and actually living there are two separate things. I suppose in making our decision we also had a “grass is greener” mentality; we know that some aspects of Hong Kong life will be better than Bay Area life, despite also understanding that each place has its own pluses and minuses. We want to give the pluses of Hong Kong a try.

We have taken the first step. 9 more hours to go.

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