Day 4 of 15

Today is day 4 of 15 that we’re staying in a hotel. I’m looking forward to finding a place of our own so we can settle in and start looking for work. At first we thought about getting a month-to-month serviced apartment, but upon further consideration we decided that it would be easier to get long-term housing.

First, regardless of how adaptable we might think we are, in reality we are averse to uncertain living arrangements. Peace of mind matters. Knowing where we’ll be settled means one less thing to worry about. We want to start building our new home.

Second, we don’t want to move twice, with the second move being potentially larger. In the Bay Area we’ve done a lot of DIY moving, but here the logistics are a little bit different. We don’t have our own car and it’s more difficult to move things back and forth. If we needed to buy supplies or equipment such as a computer printer, we’d have to move those things to the new place. Better to do it all at once instead.

Third, we really would like to procure supplies and equipment. For example, having a second computer monitor and having a printer would be tremendously helpful with the job search. Being able to do everything at home instead of having to prep everything and bring it to a printing store would be much more convenient and efficient. Without our own place, it is simply not feasible to buy anything more than small items, and even then we are trying to keep from acquiring anything right now per the second point above.

The drawback of finding a place now is that we don’t know where we’re going to be working, which might mean a commute. Even so, it would be a public transportation commute that would be an hour long at most. We could use the time to read or catch up on email. We’re also going to try to find place in a relatively central location so that it’s not too far from everything. We’d rather deal with a potential commute for a year than to have to find a job under uncertain conditions.

The adventure is well under way!

Do the Wave

KMB Buses

We were on the bus yesterday sitting on the upper deck when I watched a lady on a cell phone standing at a bus stop miss our bus because she neglected to wave it down. In Hong Kong, if a bus stop serves more than one route, the bus driver often will not stop if you don’t signal to him. A simple sticking out of the arm and fluttering of the hand will do the trick.

I have seen instances where a malicious driver will continue driving past a single-route bus stop if he sees a person not stick out his arm, or he’ll slow down waiting for you to signal and then shake his head at you when you finally do. Ah, the intricacies of modern bus-flagging!

To be safe, I now stick my arm out every time.

Here’s some more information about this convention on Wikipedia.