Rest and Recovery

Our flight is over and we have made it safely to Hong Kong. The rest of the flight was uneventful, save for the bumpy landing. Thank goodness for the suspension (or whatever it’s called for airplanes).

I would like to commend the Cathay Pacific ground staff for a job well done. Apparently, someone mistakenly took my suitcase and we had to leave the airport with one less bag, the one with all my clothes in it. After taking our first nap, the message light in our hotel room started blinking: it was 2:30 AM, and it was a message from the front desk letting me know that my bag had been delivered!

Both the gentleman at the baggage carousel itself and the one behind the claims counter were polite, courteous, and reassuring. Despite being exhausted, I experienced minimal stress and was very optimistic about my bag turning up. I wasn’t expecting such a quick resolution, though. Thank you King, Eddy, and Esther!

Speaking of naps, our sleep schedule has been one of fits and starts. Just being in the air inside a pressurized cabin is very exhausting; add to that the equivalent of pulling an all-nighter and the result resembles something out of Resident Evil. Despite this, our bodies still seem willing to follow Pacific time. When it is bedtime in Hong Kong it is daytime in SF, and we’re only able to sleep a few hours at most, as if we’re taking an afternoon nap.

Having said that, we’ve been stringing together these naps and finally got in some extended sleep last night, going from 6 PM to 3 AM. There is a feeling of clarity and alertness immediately after waking up, but very soon after the cloudiness returns. We’re being strategic about what things we want to get done and when to eat, as it seems we’re getting hungry all the time. Right now, it’s about 6:30 AM. I imagine we’ll crash around 2 in the afternoon later today. It will be a few more days at least until we start feeling normal again.